Temecula has the honor of being the only city in California to retain its aboriginal name. Established in 1859 with opening of the seventh Post Office in California, Temecula gets its name from the Colorado Shoshone Indians, who were the first to live in the valley. They called their village “Temeku” from “Temecunga” which means sun (“teme”) and place of (“nga”). In 1797, the first Europeans to arrive interpreted the name as Temecula and thus the name what was once a ranch to Southern California’s Wine Country has evolved into one of California’s premier cities.

The first boom to Temecula came in 1882 when a rail line from National City to Temecula was completed and regular services between the two cities began. At this time, residents and visitors also had good access to San Diego and new stores were built to boost trade. While a series of flood washed out the tracks, and the Temecula train station was eventually demolished, Temecula continue to prosper in other areas.

Presently, Temecula has been voted California State Winery of the Year for the third time in five years at the state’s wine-judging competition in the California State Fair in Sacramento. The wine competition began more than 100 years ago and currently has more than 700 participating wineries.

Temecula has also been named one of the “Most Playful Cities” for its efforts in providing children with substantial opportunities to play. Currently, there are 39 parks, 116,500 sq. feet of recreational facilities and at least 43 acres of sports fields and playgrounds designated for public use outside of regular school hours.

In addition, and most importantly, Temecula is known for it’s clean air and beautiful weather. In fact, it has Temecula has frequently been called one of the Top 10 “Best Weather Cities” in the continental US. This is in part because of it’s moderate weather, which is perfect for fun outdoor activities. Other cities that were included in the list included Miami Beach, Santa Barbara and Honolulu. Near perfect weather would be nothing without clean though and the American Lung Association graded Temecula an “A” on air quality. Temecula is one of only 12 cities in California to receive an “A” and the only city in Riverside County to receive an “A.”

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