PS Financial Services is a reverse mortgage company dedicated to helping retirees and seniors achieve a retirement they will love. What began as a small Florida-based Company, focused solely on reverse mortgages, is now licensed in 5 additional states including New York.

While we have helped many retirees in Brooklyn, Queens and the other boroughs, PS Financial Services is also dedicated to helping retirees in smaller New York towns as well. Whether you are from Cazenovia or Inlet or Aurora, PS Financial Services is there to help you with all your present and future retirement needs. This may include paying off an existing forward mortgage so that you can live the rest of your retirement without having to make monthly mortgage payments or using the existing equity in your home to supplement more traditional retirement income like social security. In addition, if the hustle and bustle of the city has lost its luster, and you want to move somewhere quieter, a reverse purchase may help you buy a new property without having to make monthly mortgage payments on a new mortgage.

One of these smaller towns may be what you are looking for in retirement and they are just a drive away from the Big Apple if need be. If you’ve always wanted to be close to the sea during retirement then Greenport, a small fishing town located in Northern long island, may be just the thing. Take a trip on GLORY, an eco-friendly, solar powered boat that has been giving tours on the Peconic Bay since 1999. After building up an appetite, you can grab some amazing seafood at the oldest same family owned restaurant in the US, Claudio’s. With three waterfront locations in Greenport, any visitor or resident can enjoy delicious Mermaid Cocktails with their seafood.

If a whimsical fairytale wonderland is more your style, you can settle down in Roxbury, home of the Roxbury Motel, where every room is a different adventure. Book Miss Kitty’s Saloon room or the Wizard’s Emeralds room for a unique stay that you won’t soon forget the scenic beauty of this small town ensures that nature lovers everywhere will drop what they are doing and explore the famous waterfalls of the Catskill region.

If you are looking to do a reverse mortgage in New York, PS Financial Services is here to help. Give us a call at (917) 983-9125 to speak to one of our brokers or email us at Enjoy all the beauty rural New York has to offer with the reverse mortgage and ensure your retirement will be something you will love.