In Putnam County, a historically significant gem in New York State, there’s a little something for everyone. If you are currently a resident of Putnam County, and are currently 62 or about to be, a reverse mortgage can be the solution you’ve been looking for to supplement your retirement income. If you’ve been thinking of moving to Putnam to be close to family or possibly downsize, PS Financial Services can help. As a reverse mortgage company licensed in New York, and focused solely on reverse mortgages, PS Financial Services is dedicated to helping retirees obtain a retirement they will love.

One of the most beautiful museums in Putnam County is the Boscobel, House and Gardens, estate located in Garrison, New York. Every year, for the past 30 years, this historical museum hosts the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. The festival hosts several productions a year and welcome at least 90,000 people throughout the tri-state region. In addition, Boscobel opens two hours before every performance so that guests can picnic in the grounds while they wait for the show.

If living history is more your style, the Living History Guild is a not-for profit, family friendly organization that specializes in keeping history alive in a fun way for future generations to enjoy. Members of the Guild put together historical impressions and participate in different reenactments and educational programs and may portray craftsman, trades people or civilians.

History and art are fine and dandy but in order to enjoy it all, Putnam County is also home to various state parks and scenic trails so that nature lovers don’t feel to out of place.

The Hudson Highlands State Park is one of the more picturesque parks in Putnam and it is a nature enthusiast’s dream. A mostly undeveloped preserve of almost 6,000 acres, the Hudson Highlands Park is home to the Breakneck Ridge Hiking Trail, which is a 5.5-mile trail that rises 1,250 feet in a ¾ mile stretch. Aside from its challenging trailers, the Park is also spacious enough for visitors to enjoy every day activities like fishing and bird watching.

For the more adventurous type of resident or visitor, the California Hill State Forest offers a wide variety of hunting, geocaching and nature viewing. Interestingly enough, geocaching is an outdoor, treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices and many visitors can also camp in the park first should they desire.

Adventure is just a step away in Putnam County for any retiree who wants to explore the various wonders of nature in their own backyard or along the Hudson River. Putnam County is a stable of beauty, history and culture and a reverse mortgage can help many retirees achieve their dreams.

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