Weston Reverse Mortgage

A slew of A-rated public schools and private schools, fourteen parks and recreational facilities, the lowest crime rate per capita in Broward County, and, to top it all off, the lowest property taxes, municipal taxes, and fees, make Weston one of the best destinations in South Florida.

In a short time, Weston has become one the Best Places to Live, according to Money Magazine, moving up from 73rd place in 2008 to 62nd place in 2012.

In addition, is home to all businesses, boasting a diverse residential and corporate climate, featuring owner-operate retail establishments, restaurants, etc. as well as Fortune 500 companies.

The city of Weston is home to a unique environment, composed of Royal Palms and lush foliage, bordering on the Florida Everglades, supporting the city’s diverse ecological population.

Nightclubs and bars as well as the Mediterranean-style Town Center, home to shopping centers and office complexes, offer Weston’s residents plenty to chose from in a host of entertainment and nightlife experiences.

Outdoor activities, such as athletic leagues, allow Weston’s resident to fully engage themselves in a variety of volunteer work, creating a friendly community engaged in healthy outdoor exercise.

Cooper City Reverse Mortgages

Cooper City, which is often called “Someplace Special,” has plenty to feel special about. Whether that is its colorful past, vibrant present or exciting future, is anybody’s guess, but Cooper City remains one of the most hospitable cities in Broward County.

What began as a dream, by Morris Cooper, was fully realized by the end of 1959 when 85 residents moved into 35 homes. Presently, Cooper City has grown in size to more than 7 square miles and a population of 30, 402 residents.

Boasting three elementary schools, one middle school and high school, Cooper City is a welcoming community, dedicated to education. It’s abundance of community programs and parks make Cooper City a community for residents and visitors of all ages.

Cooper City is a close-knit community where retirees can go live out their retirement, free of monthly mortgage payments, with a reverse mortgage. It’s time to consider how you want your retirement to be.

Retirement Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

If Weston or Cooper City sound like a place where you would want to live in during retirement, consider a Reverse Purchase to help you out.

With low property taxes, downsizing to Weston can be the best choice you’ve made for your retirement. A Reverse Purchase can help you make that choice without the need of monthly mortgage payments when you buy your new home.

If you already live in Cooper City, and want to age in place, in the home you’ve lived in for decades, a reverse mortgage can help you as well. The extra boost of cash flow will give you the freedom necessary to enjoy all Cooper City has to offer.

Retirement is no longer the end of something but the beginning of something greater. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

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