If you’ve been thinking about moving to Tampa for your retirement, these recent improvements have made Tampa a quaint, charming and relaxing place to live.

What was once called the “Bucket of Blood” has now become the new front door of east Tampa. 22nd Street, which used to be a dirt road that later became the entryway to a block of public housing swarming with drug deals, has been completely transformed thanks to $5.6 million in renovations.

The latest renovation, and the centerpiece of 22nd Street, is a traffic roundabout, created to move traffic more smoothly, adorned with an obelisk at the center, brick-patterned crosswalks and beautiful landscaping, complete with lush trees, yellow lantanas and jasmine.

The renovated stretch of road lead to the Belmont Heights Estates, a curving street full of Victorian-style street lamps and duplexes that look like bungalows.

The renovations signal a neighborhood reclaimed by its city and the residents that inhabit it. If you presently own a home in Tampa, a reverse mortgage can help you downsize from your current home and into a neighborhood reclaimed by its residents and for its residents. The fees associated with obtaining a mortgage along with a reverse mortgage are considerably lower with a reverse purchase loan because both transactions are simultaneously.

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