South Carolina is far from ordinary. Despite what some may think, there is plenty to do see and explore in the Palmetto State.

Once known as the Iodine State, South Carolina is home to “Messie,” their very own lake monster. It is said that Messie resides in Lake Murray and has been seen by several residents dating back as far as 1973. It was first described as a cross between something prehistoric and a snake and originally known as the cousin to the Loch Ness Monster.

Bomb Island, located on Lake Murray, is the hub of a very unusual event when thousands of Purple Martins return to the island for the summer. The island has since been declared a sanctuary and many residents and tourists go watch these birds return home every day at sunset.

In South Carolina, aliens from outer space are welcome as well. In fact, Jody Pendarvis, a local, built a welcome sign for them for when they decide to land. He began building it in 1994 in hopes that when the aliens came they would feel comfortable.

South Carolina is also a state of firsts: the first playhouse, public college and museum were built in South Carolina. Not to mention very popular and beloved movies have been filmed there including The Notebook, Full Metal Jacket and Sleeping with the Enemy. In addition, the first game of golf took place in Charleston and Myrtle beach is currently the Golf Capital of the World. Ironically, there are no major professional sports teams in South Carolina.

Speaking of Museums, South Carolina is how to two of the most beautiful, original museums. One of them is located in Orangeburg, which is known as the “Garden City” as it is home to the Edisto Memorial Gardens. The Edisto Memorial Gardens features hundreds of different species of roses, dogwoods, azalea and is adjacent to the Horne Wetland Park. Through the park, residents and tourists can explore the boardwalks through the swamp, where there are picnic tables for guests to enjoy and an arts center that is open certain times of the week.

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