Savannah, Georgia has a rich and colorful history as old as the original 13 colonies in the continental US. In fact, Savannah was first the capital of the colonies before becoming the capital of Georgia. Affectionately named the “Hostess City of the South,” Savannah is a beacon of hospitality and timeless beauty.

Founded by General James Edward Oglethorpe in 1733, Savannah is also called America’s First Planned City because it was first organized into a grid with wide streets and 24 public squares, 21 of which have been carefully preserved and still exist.

Among its oldest attractions is the Pirate’s House restaurant located on East Broad Street close to the Savannah River. The restaurant first opened in 1753 and remains a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. Back when it opened, the Pirate’s house was an inn where visiting pirates could enjoy a meal and good night’s rest before returning to their ship. The inn still stands but it is now a restaurant specialized in serving authentic Georgia cuisine. The 15 separate dining rooms in Pirate’s House also display various pirate artifacts and nautical decorations.

In 1755, Savannah opened the historic City Market, where farmers and fishermen would gather to shop and socialize. In those times, City Market was the hub of Savannah’s social and commercial gatherings though many of the original buildings did not survive various fires and demolitions. History buffs worked hard to review City Market after many years and it is once again a popular gathering spot for many visitors and residents. All who come can enjoy a variety of pubs, specialty shops, galleries, museums, etc. At night, City Market comes live with various live musical performances and entertainment in the courtyards. To keep the magic of yesteryear alive, horse drawn carriages are also available for guests.

Residents or visitors can also check into The Inn at Ellis Square, located in the Guckenheimer Building and build in 1851. A perfect blend of old and new, the Hotel Indigo is also known as the “Grand Lady on the Bay” because of its sheer size and began as a dry goods storage house and store before becoming a coffeehouse, the first one in the city, and grocery store in the 1940’s. Currently, the Hotel Indigo is at the center of the busy historic district, with many of the city’s most iconic features, including the City Market, located just five miles in each direction from the hotel.

Retirement in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, GA is an old city but this is what makes it worthwhile. The rich history, beautiful architecture and preserved traditions make it one of the most original and classical cities in Georgia and the United States.

Not only is there always something to do but also few cities give you such a grand view of the past, present and future. Just look at City Market or the Hotel Indigo, both a blend of the past and the present and, hopefully, the future as well, existing in perfect harmony. Much like retirement, Savannah is a city with deep roots to the past but always looking toward the future and innovation.

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Relocating to Savannah

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