Retirement in North Augusta

North Augusta, located on the fall line along the Savannah River across from Augusta, GA, is said to be named for Princess Augusta, who was the wife of the British prince of Wales and is home to many cultural attractions and educational institutions including the Imperial Theatre, Augusta’s National Gold Club, and Brick Pond Park.

Brick Pond Park is a forty-acre restored wetland that has become an increasingly destination for residents and tourists alike because of extensive trails for biking, walking and running, it’s waterfalls and scenic views.

Augusta’s National Gold Club, since 1934, has hosted the Masters Tournament, where some of the golf world’s greatest square off over four days and 72 holes. The Tournament, which was created by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, was first held on March 22, 1934 and, beginning in 1940, has been scheduled for the first full week of April. The Tournament was originally named the Augusta National Invitation Tournament because participants were, and continue to be, by invitation only, before being officially changed in 1939.

Imperial Theatre, named after the Imperial Theatre in New York City, first opened in 1918 and began as a vaudeville showcase. The theatre was originally called the Wells Theatre, after the founder, Jake Wells, and didn’t change its name until it was sold to Lynch Enterprises several months later. Among the most famous celebrities to grace the theatre have been Charlie Chaplin and Anna Povlova.

Reverse Mortgage or Reverse Purchase in North Augusta

PS Financial Services is now licensed in South Carolina and have loan officers in North Augusta who can help you determine if a reverse mortgage is right for you. A reverse mortgage is a loan you do not have to make monthly payments on unlike a home equity loan and forward mortgage, which gives borrowers the freedom to enjoy their retirement as they want to.

If you live in North August or are thinking about relocating, PS Financial Services is here to help you. A reverse purchase can also be a viable option if you are looking to downside during retirement or buy your first home in North Augusta.

A reverse mortgage is an option for any retirees looking to make the most out of their retirement.