One of Florida’s most unique cities, Melbourne, is the result of a merger between two communities, Melbourne and Eau Gallie, both of which were settled in the 1800’s and attract a growing population of settlers. Their location, along the Indian River Lagoon, become an important source of income for the settlers via commerce and an easily accessible form of communication.

The communities’ landscape and fertile soil presented viable opportunities for many settles after the Civil War and ensured that both communities grew and prospered, side by side, despite their distinct personalities.

By 1969, both communities came together to form the City of Melbourne, most of which is located on the main land, and a small potion, which is located on a neighboring island. The Indian River Lagoon separates the island from the City of Melbourne. Both the mainland and the island are readily accessible through the Melbourne and Eau Gallie Causeways.

Presently, Melbourne is approximately 41 square miles in size with a population on 77,101 and is the perfect mix of “old” and “new.” Historic Downtown Melbourne and Olde Eau Gallie both boast a collection of specialty shops and a host of other attractions for both residents and visitors. Several commercial areas have developed over the years as well, including Babcock Street so that anyone can enjoy the beauty of a historic outing with a modern flair.

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