Reverse Mortgages in Jacksonville

At 759 square miles and boasting 850,000 residents, Jacksonville is the largest city, based on size, in the continental United States and the largest city in all Florida. Due to its warm climate, affordable cost of living, lofty quality of life and suitable location, Jacksonville has become a popular destination for corporations and residents alike hoping to relocate and take advantage of Jacksonville’s diverse attractions.

Jacksonville has something for everyone, especially retiring seniors who not yet ready to let go of their active lifestyle. The Forever Fit 50 & Beyond, an Olympic-style event designed for athletes who want to compete with others as well as new athletes who want to have some fun and promote healthy and active lifestyles at the same time.

Events include a road race, power lifting, bowling, basketball, table tennis and a host of other events that would make anyone want to get up and participate.

After working up a sweat, take a stroll or jump into the clear, blue beaches of Florida’s First Coast. The beaches in Duval County, which include Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach, offer a wide variety of boating, fishing and water sport opportunities.

If shopping is more your style, enjoy some historic shopping and dinning at San Marco, which features art galleries, boutiques, bookstores and even specialty shops. Catch the latest movies at the art deco San Marco Theatre or enjoy one of the many art shows or wine tastings San Marco regularly offers.

Neptune Beach Reverse Mortgages

Neptune Beach, a beachfront town located in Duval Country on a barrier island between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean, may be just what some retirees have been looking for when they decide to retire.

As a community, Neptune Beach is commented to protecting all it’s inhabitants, human and otherwise, through strict management standards, while maintaining a high quality of life for all its inhabitants, in the present and future.

The creation of Neptune Beach began in 1922 when Dan Wheeler built a train station next to his home and named it Neptune. The station was located where the Sea Turtle Inn now resides and began as one man’s attempt to create a better commute during his working years.

The city gained its independence from Jacksonville in 1931 after a vote of 113 to 31 in favor of seceding from Jacksonville Beach; and so the city of Neptune Beach was born.

A small, quiet city where retirees can go enjoy their retirement and still be a ride away from the city of Jacksonville. It’s the perfect compromise for seniors, or future retirees, that want to retire to a life of quiet leisure without having to give up all the comforts living close to the city can provide.

Retirement in Jacksonville and Neptune Beach

Jacksonville continues to flourish, creating a fun and friendly environment for residents and visitors a like. For seniors looking to relocate to Jacksonville, a reverse mortgage can give you the extra boost of cash flow you’ve been looking for, in order to take full advantage of your retirement.

If you already live in Jacksonville, a reverse mortgage is a viable option in order to fully enough the things you’ve loved about Jacksonville and a lot more. If you already live in Neptune Beach, also in Duval County, may also be a viable option. If you’re ready to live in the big city, or close to it, the time to get a reverse mortgage in order to supplement a comfortable retirement, the time is now.

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