Greenville, South Carolina is a nature paradise. For those of you who love the great outdoors, Greenville has beautiful zoos and parks for residents or visitors alike to explore.

One of these is the Greenville Zoo, which year ‘round with the except of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Established in 1960, Grenville Zoo is a 14-acre zoo that boasts 270,000 visitors a year and is home to many indigenous animals as well as outside species. The zoo began with mostly bears, bobcats, foxes, etc. before adding a monkey dome in 1962 and a chimpanzee building a couple of years later.

Greenville Zoo

By 1981, the zoo had become home to over 70 animals in 11 displays areas and by 1986, the zoo had undergone major upgrades adding a reptile building, a new education, gift and refreshment cent and as well as a waterfowl lagoon. In 2002, the zoo opened the preschool playground, aptly called the Cub Kingdom, and a Masai giraffe exhibit, featuring Autumn Walter, in 2008. Their first calf, Kiko, was born in 2012 and transferred to the Toronto Zoo in 2013, making him the first South Carolina male giraffe transferred to Canada.

Falls Park on the Reedy

In addition to its beautiful zoo, the Falls Park on the Reedy is also located in Greenville, South Carolina. Located adjacent to downtown Greenville, Falls Park is considered by many the birthplace of the city and was founded in 1967. The park is located is located on 26 acres of reclaimed land that was previously used by textile mills before expanding to 32 acres. The park underwent major renovations in the late 1990s under Mayor Knox H. White and is currently known for the bridge that wraps around the waterfall on the Reedy River.

In addition to its scenic views, the Falls Park on the Reedy also hosts the Upstate Shakespeare Festival every summer. The festival, funded in part the by Metropolitan Arts Council, is free to the public, all guests should do is bring some food and a blanket on which to sit down.

Peace Center

Peace Center, a performing arts center, is also located close to the Falls Park on the Reedy and is composed of a theater, concert hall, and amphitheater. It is named after the Peace family—who’s patriarch was Roger Craft Peace, a US South Carolina Senator—which donated $10 million dollars toward its development. Guests can sit along the tiered sear walls or use lawn chairs in the open seating areas. It is projected that seating capacity is as high as 1,400 guests.

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