Retire to Historic Charleston in South Carolina

Charleston, the oldest and second largest city in South Carolina is a busy hub of culture. Originally named Charles Town, after King Charles II of England in 1670, Charleston is known for its architecture, restaurants, and friendly citizens. In fact, Charleston has been named America’s most friendly city by Travel + Leisure in 2011, 2013 and 2016.

Besides it’s hospitality, Charleston is also home to the Dock Street Theater, the first theater in America. Built in 1736, the Dock Street Theater opened its doors with The Recruiting Officer. In addition, the first opera performance in America, Flora, took place at the Dock Street Theater. Today, it is said to be one of the most haunted places in Charleston.

Charleston is also home to the White Point Gardens, which received its name in 1670 because of the hordes of white oyster shells that would gather on the coast as ships sailed by. There, residents, and tourists can enjoy the beautiful Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter as well as explore various monuments and plaques. For many of its residents, Charleston is also the Holy City because of it skyline which includes a myriad of church steeples.

If you are ever looking to try out a new sport, Hurling, a Gaelic “super-lacrosse is played in Charleston. Not to mention, the local baseball team, the River Dogs, who’s director of fun is Bill Murray.

Charleston Reverse Mortgages

Charleston has plenty to offer current residents, new residents or visiting tourists. It’s scenic views and historical architecture offer something new and exciting with every visit or tour. If you are a history buff and are thinking of relocating for retirement, Charleston may be just the place. A reverse mortgage may be a viable option for retirees looking for a change of air during their retirement.

If you currently live in Charleston, then it may be time to consider a reverse mortgage to supplement your retirement and discuss the various options available for a happy and fruitful retirement.