Riverside County in California is always looking ahead for bigger and better things while still cultivating deep roots in the past.

One of these connections to the past is Riverside’s drive-in movie theatres. While some counties have lost this American stable, Riverside has decided to keep two, the Van Buren and the Rubidoux, so that residents and visitors alike can watch a movie from the comfort of their cars.

Van Buren was first built in 1964 with a single screen and named for its location on the Van Buren Blvd in the historic Arlington district. While the current location of the theater was almost sold as a real estate development in 2006, the deal fell through, and the owners decided to remodel the theater. These improvements included a repaved roadway, repainted screens, and new projection systems. The audience appreciated their efforts and the theater continues to be a success even today. The Rubidoux, as well, has gone through major upgrades and has repaved the lots, upgraded the landscaping and refitted all the bathrooms and snack bar. Both theatres continue to thrive and prove that some much-needed family time is always welcome.

Riverside is also home to the World’s Largest Paper Cup, a giant 68.1-foot-tall cup made from concrete, which originally stood, from 1958 to 1997, outside of a factory which manufactured paper cups. While the paper cup used to have a teal and purple Dixie cup design, it is now a blank slate and fenced in, when it used to be out in the open beforehand.

Currently, Riverside County, besides its enduring attractions, is also one of the most diverse counties in California. In addition, Riverside county is also poised for immense growth because of its low cost of living, well established infrastructure, and positive quality of life.

In addition, Riverside has a huge arts and literary scene. In fact, every year Riverside hosts the Riverside Dickens Festival at the end of February to Celebrate the Life and Times of Charles Dickens. Patrons can enjoy various activities throughout the two days such as Mr. Fezziwig’s Ball, the Royal Victorian Tea Room and Music Hall show, and the Victorian Fashion Show. To prepare for the festival’s ball, patrons are encouraged to take dance classes in order to be ready and may even volunteer and be an integral part of the festivities.

For current residents, who want to stay in Riverside for their retirement, it continues to be a place full of olden time activities and new inspirations. If you are looking to relocate to Riverside for your retirement, then Riverside has plenty of adventures to offer for years to come.

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