During or after a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado, a homeowner may be focused on pressing matters, such as making sure their home is in livable conditions. This may lead them to be more vulnerable to scams than they would be under normal circumstances.Homeowners may receive various offers to refinance, modify, or stop payments, etc. but they should be wary and make sure the offer comes from a legitimate company.

If you cannot do so yourself, please ask for help from a family member or friend to help you search the company name on Google or another search engine. Any letters from legitimate companies will also have the company name and contact information on their letterhead. Use the information provided to make sure you are working with a reputable company. Do not feel pressured to take immediate action before accurately reaching the company- consider your options, and discuss your situation with a trusted advisor.

Remember to never sign any documentation or give out any sensitive information such as banking information or social security numbers. If you do not feel comfortable, it is probably a good sign to NOT move forward with the process until you feel otherwise.

Always remember that help is and should be free. Please research the company and representative first, especially if they are demanding payment for services that have not rendered yet. Keep in mind that you are first considering your options, so no payment should be required at the early points of conversation. Any financial decision should be carefully considered, especially after a natural disaster, when borrowers are likely to be distracted and vulnerable.

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