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Year-round sunshine and Mickey Mouse have made Orlando a Mecca of tourism. For the younger residents, however, the area may not be “the most magical place on Earth.”

Orlando was ranked the No. 1 Worst American City for young residents in The Daily Beast, an online news source published by Newsweek. The ranking was based on statistics such as unemployment, education and debt per individual.

According to the article, 23.7 percent of people who fall between the ages of 20 and 24 are unemployed, in comparison to Orlando’s overall Aug. 2011 unemployment rate of 10.4 percent.

The Daily Beast also analyzed changes in statistics among young people and found that Orlando’s 18- to 24-year-olds are 9.1 percent more in debt, and 12 percent fewer have bachelor’s degrees in comparison with last year.

The article also said 5 percent fewer males are getting married, and females doubled that trend with a 10 percent decrease in marriage among 20 to 34 year olds.

These statistics, though, may not be prominent factors in how University of Central Florida students assess their overall quality of life. In an online poll conducted by the Central Florida Future, 44 people said they enjoy living in Orlando compared with 13 who said they do not enjoy living in the city.

Potentially troubling news for young residents may mean potentially beneficial news for retirees living, or hoping to relocate to, Orlando. For example, in terms of job opportunities, older residents seem to have a greater success rate in Orlando than younger generations. If you’re hoping to work, at least part-time, Orlando might be one of the best places to do so.

In addition, fewer activities geared for younger residents can mean a quieter, slower paced lifestyle for baby boomers hoping to slow down. While Orlando is shock full of tourism, it is concentrated at the Disney World theme parks, making other places in Orlando more susceptible to the quiet city life.

Apopka Reverse Mortgages

Apopka, located predominantly in Orange County, has plenty of history, past present and future. In the past, Apopka was inhabited by Seminole Indians. In fact, the name “Apopka” comes from the Timucuan Indian Language, meaning “big potato.” In 1842, the area began to be settled by non-atives and, in the 1850’s, Apopka began to grow as its opportunities for agriculture grew.

Apopka was eventually incorporated in 1882 and currently resides in both Orange County and Seminole County, though it is predominantly located in Orange County. This makes a city stuck between two worlds, one that lends itself to relive and revisit the past and another which looks ahead to the future.

Currently, Apopka continues to grow and has become a major city in central Florida, mostly because of new construction along the 429, a major highway in the area.

Apopka also has the pleasure of being home to the Carrol Building, which was built in 1932, as a hospital, but has now become a historical museum. This is just one of the many places residents and visitors can tour and travel when in Apopka. For retirees who are history buffs, Apopka is one of the best places to settle down during your retirement.

In touch with its past, with all the modern amenities of the big city, Apopka, may not be Orlando, but that doesn’t mean retirement can’t be just as comfortable or worthwhile or peaceful.

\Comfortable Retirement in Orlando and Apopka

If you own a home in Orlando or Apopka, a reverse mortgage can help you age in place and enjoy all the city has to offer. If you’re thinking about downsizing without the burden of monthly mortgage pages, a reverse purchase be the solution you’re been looking for.

At PS Financial Services, a reverse mortgage company in Florida, we always work with our clients to find the best product for their personal situation. Whether your downsizing, upgrading, aging in place, we do it all.

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