If you live in the California, and want to take advantage of all it has to offer, a reverse mortgage could be the right thing for you. If you live elsewhere, and are thinking of moving to South Carolina for your retirement, it may be time to consider a reverse mortgage as a long-term retirement planning tool.
A reverse mortgage is a loan you do not have to make monthly payments on unlike a home equity loan and forward mortgage, which gives borrowers the freedom to enjoy their retirement as they want to.

A reverse purchase can also help you downsize without having to make payments on your new home in California. It’s a viable option for many seniors hoping to downsize for their retirement to a more manageable home.

Newport Beach is a beautiful city in California. In 2013, it was mentioned that Newport is one of the cleanest beaches in the US, which was just but a confirmation of the CNN’s recognition from the previous year. Newport Beach is located approximately 45 miles to the south of Los Angeles and 90 miles to the north of San Diego with Catalina Island only 26 miles away from its golden coastal stretch. Brief history and facts of Newport Beach

Per the 2014 census, Newport Beach town is composed of 86,874 people. The amazing fact is that with this diversity rich city both in its top-rated schools and restaurants, it only covers a 50 square mile area: land covering only 15 miles, a 10 mile stretch of the coastline and the rest being the touch of pristine Pacific waters.
Being one of the most tranquil seaside destinations; it is commonly celebrated for its vibrant yachting community and the natural beauty, not to mention of its stylish accommodations, upscale shopping and its eclectic coastal cuisine.

Newport Beach is made up of ten district neighborhoods, distinct and unique from each other; however, natural beauty is maintained at its best in all. Charm, culture and history also stand unique for all of the neighboring towns. These neighboring districts and towns include Back Bay, Airport District, Balboa Peninsula, Balboa Island, Balboa Village, Fashion Island, Mariner’s Mile or Westcliff, Corona del Mar, Cannery Village and Newport Coast also known as Crystal Cove.
The surrounding neighborhood is not the big reason for the comfy setup of this coastal city but also the climate, with a year-round temperature of approximately 19.35 degrees Celsius or 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well, of course, we know the advantages of accessibility especially for such a coastal city, apart from the John Wayne Airport which is adjacent the town & Long Beach Airport just 20 miles to the north.

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