The City of Jupiter, which has guided many ships to safety throughout many centuries, continues to be an incomparable destination for both sailors and visitors alike. Not to mention the residents who have made their home in Jupiter and enjoy what it has to offer daily.

Protruding further out into the Atlantic Ocean than any other city throughout the Florida coast, Jupiter’s rich history dates back as far as 1565, where the earliest known records demonstrate Jupiter’s importance as a pit stop for many ships on their way to Central and South America.

The City of Jupiter got its name from the Jega Indians, who called themselves the Jobe, and lived along the Indian River. When the English came to Jupiter in 1763, the name Jobe sounded like “Jove” (Jupiter) and the name stuck.

One of the most readily identifiable landmarks in Jupiter, The Jupiter Lighthouse, was built in the 1800’s. Standing a whooping 105 ft on top of 46-foot hill, the Jupiter Lighthouse remains one of Jupiter’s more historical landmarks in addition to the Lighthouse Park, which was once part of Fort Jupiter.

Whether you are already a resident or are considering relocating to Jupiter, one of Florida’s oldest cities has plenty to offer. Visit the Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum, which boasts a collection of artifacts and memorabilia collected, and contributed to the museum, by Burt Reynolds.

In addition, visit the DuBois Pioneer Home, which sits on an ancient Indian burial mound, and take a look at how families in Jupiter lived centuries ago. The DuBois’ were one of the first families in Jupiter. While you’re at it, take a dip in the beach that neighbors the property and relax your body and mind. 

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For any history buff, Jupiter has plenty to offer, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable retirement that won’t shut your brain off. Jupiter is just the place to immerse yourself in the history of Florida and its cities while still having a good time.

Whether you’re a current resident or future resident, there’s no denying that Jupiter combines the wonder and charm of a time before us with a contemporary style of living. Consider the benefits of a reverse mortgage for your future retirement needs. Your retirement is yours to do with as you wish, spend it comfortably in Jupiter and soak up some history while you’re at it.

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