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Beautiful New York City Parks!

New York is a state full of natural beauty. Even though many associate New York with a concrete jungle, New York is full of wonderful parks for all citizens and residents to enjoy.

One of these parks is the Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre park where visitors can enjoy various sporting activities, outdoor movies at sundown and even Jane’s Carousel, a 1920’s restored marry-go-round. The park is also home to various Piers, one of which hosts a basketball court and another who hosts a playground.

The other, of course, is Central Park, where visitors and residents can spread out a blanket at Sheep’s Meadow and enjoy the view, play frisbee or just hang out. For those who are more active, the park also has various walking trails and streams to enjoy.

Less known but still worth a visit is the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, which is New York City’s second largest park, and is home to the Unisphere, a steel globe that was created for the 1964 World’s Fair. For nature enthusiasts, the green fields of this park also include a zoo, a boating lake, a barbecue area, and a $66 million aquatic and hockey center.

The same visionaries who designed Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Calver Vaux, also helped designed Prospect Park. Home to the Long Meadow and Nethermead, which offer a spacious place to enjoy nature, the park was also the brain child of Robert Moses, a city planner who included some more child-friendly offerings such as a zoo and the Wollman Rink. Wollman Rink is currently known for throwing plenty of decade-themed skating parties throughout the summer months for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

One of the more exciting and modern parks currently in NYC is The High Line, which opened in 2009, and built on an elevated infrastructure in Manhattan’s West Side. A final expansion opened in 2014 and many visitors and residents can now enjoy a beautiful walkway, lined with the gardens and sculptures.

New York City is a city that appreciates the natural beauty of the world. If you are a resident of NYC, then many of these parks are a part of your everyday life. For your retirement, take advantage of these scenic views with a reverse mortgage. If you are looking for a new adventure during retirement, then a reverse purchase can help you achieve those goals.

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Listen to Expert Panelist Phil Stevenson during Reverse Mortgage Education Week

2017—PS Financial Services, a leading Miami-based Company specialized in Reverse Mortgages Loans, recently had Owner and Principal, Phil Stevenson, a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), participate as a guest panelist at a webinar held as part of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association’s Reverse Mortgage Education Week. The webinar was also created in partnership with Next Avenue, a PBS news service that covers baby-boomer issues.

The goal of the panel was to inform how these types of loans work and to try to eradicate common misconceptions related to the industry. Stevenson and his fellow industry professional panelists answered a variety of questions collected by Next Avenue, disclosing the challenges that specialists face when attempting to pitch the products to consumers.

“Whenever a borrower or a client asks me if they can outlive a reverse mortgage and be forced to move, I tell them, ‘yes… when you turn 150 years old,’” Stevenson said, humorously, before adding, “reverse mortgage does have a date on the legal document and you need a date when this mortgage will end, and it’s the youngest borrowers 150 th birthday. We know no one is going to reach 150, at least not at this point in history, maybe in the future. So, you can live there for the rest of your life as long as you comply with the rules.”

During his portion of the panel discussion, Stevenson focused on explaining why it’s important to comply with Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) rules and provided specific examples of cases managed by PS Financial Services and how they have counseled several couples with their reverse mortgage. He also explained that, after August 2014, some rules changed for the non-borrowing spouse, ultimately providing them more protection.

Stevenson is one of only approximately 150 CRMPs nationwide and currently sits on the Ethics Committee of the NRMLA. He was also on the expert panel in 2016 assigned to rewrite the National Mortgage Licensing Test, which every person in the United States who wants to become a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator must pass.



Reverse Mortgages Aren’t Just for Cash Strapped Seniors

Reverse Mortgages have a less than stellar reputation; in fact, many Americans, retired or not, continue to see the reverse mortgage as a “loan of last resort” or a loan to take out when there are no other options left. In fact, many Americans think taking out a reverse mortgage either means you are poor or uneducated because there is no way a financially savvy senior would even take out a reverse mortgage.

The truth about reverse mortgage, however, is something else entirely. The first hurdle is making sure a borrower understands the reverse mortgage and, most importantly, realize that the reverse mortgage is a way to use the untapped equity in the home they’ve paid for throughout their working years.

A recent article, published by CNBC, highlights how and why the reverse mortgage became a loan of last resort:

“The criticism of reverse mortgages is less with the product itself than with the way that people use them. ‘Free money’ has a tendency to encourage bad behavior — one reason the Federal Housing Administration requires borrowers to undergo a counseling session before entering a reverse mortgage contract. In other words, don’t use a lump sum payment from one of these to buy the Mercedes-Benz you’ve always wanted.”

A reverse mortgage should be a long-term retirement planning tool, and not just for cash strapped seniors, but for affluent seniors who have planned and saved for retirement. As with any financial product though, a borrower should know and understand their financial obligations, which include paying any and all maintenance on the property as well as keeping up with their property taxes and homeowner’s insurance payments.

Most importantly, a reverse mortgage is a flexible alternative to more traditional forms of retirement planning such as social security or 401ks or stocks and, with more Americans living a lot longer than ever before, flexibility is key.

For example, if the stock market has taken a downturn, it may be time to pull funds from the reverse mortgage line of credit in order to sustain retirement expenses while the market stabilizes. Another example may be to set up monthly reverse mortgage payments to help supplement social security payments and cover retirement expenses.

These are just two of the ways reverse mortgages can adapt to a retiree’s situation, not just at 62, but also at 72 or 82. For example, a potential retiree may be saving at 62 for retirement but may need more cash flow at 72 as they adjust to their new needs and wants. At 82, fixed expenses may be set and monthly payments may be more attractive than they were at 72.

Point is, things change, and so do retirement needs and a reverse mortgage is a way to, not only sustain retirement but also ensure that it is secure and worthwhile.

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